February 19, 2012

Just some photos from the past few days

Cerro Chena, The main hill of San Bernando

Some other random hill to the south of San Bernando

My diet went out the window

The same hill, this time with more clouds

Driving down to the south of Chile, Dramatic Sunsets Galore

Saw this little guy in Valdivia, Chile, just hanging in the Harbor

The First Volcano i have seen in my life

My first legit Ferry ride in the middle of a storm, from Porte Montt to Ancud on the island of Chiloe (No longer on the continent of South America, its all island hopping from here)

No one i met in Chile made the connection that Kuky is Cookie spelled Phonetically

Climbing up Cerro Chena with some Mountain Bikers. The view from up here is amazing. You get to see all of Santiago and the suburbs, The shit loads of Smog, and the Andes mountains with some snow still left on top!

Wild Edible fruit EVERYWHERE. These grapes weren't ready yet

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