February 08, 2012

An exercise in Minimalism

I always enjoy looking at how other people pack for their trips. Whether it is a weekend road trip, to a year long expedition seeing what everyone considers important is really interesting to me. 

As of 7PM tonight i will be gone for 3 weeks roaming around Chile. Its summer there so luckily all the clothing being taken is light weight and doesn't take up too much space. The most important item i'm bringing on this trip for me? It would be the journal and sketchbook. i sometimes forget things which i shouldn't, and those two items when used plant me down and force me to take a mental snapshot of where i was when writing/drawing, the weather, the people around me, what mood i was in, and what i was looking at. When ever i look back at the pages of these notebooks i can tell you exactly what was going on when my pen touched that paper. 

7 days of clothing

All fit comfortably into slightly larger than carry on size luggage. 

This is the fun part. Paint supplies, paintbrushes, tons of pens, paper, ipod, camera, net book, sunglasses to look spiffy, journal, book to read, and some misc cables. These are the things which are really expensive to acquire in Chile, so im hoping i didn't forget anything. 
 I recently found and fixed a damaged Netbook. I installed Linux on it so that i can post updates while traveling (that is if i can find someplace with internet). I Also plan on doing the postcard project again. Except this time, since i'll be around family most of the time, they can easily guide me to the nearest post office and actually send them out!

Plane leaves in about 5 hours.

(And now that im going to the southern hemisphere to experience the end of their summer, it starts to snow here in NYC)

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