September 26, 2011

10 Best Motorcycle Engines..

The Kawasaki H1 500

The Harley-Davidson Evolution

The Triumph Daytona 675

The Honda NSR 500

The Kawasaki Z1

The Honda C90

(This is the only one i have been able to ride, and let me just say, i really really want one!)

The Suzuki GSXR1100

The Yamaha R1

The Honda CB750

The Ducati 854

Some new sketchbook/Location Drawings

During my day job, i get the occasional duty of looking for parking while the rest of my crew starts work. Usually this can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour, so i take this time and draw. Which just happens to be a lot of cars.

Ink and Watercolor

Ink and Watercolor

September 20, 2011

Maps are fun

This is a sketch for a bigger map piece I'm working on. Its going to be all traditional media (ink + watercolor), but I will scan in the line work just in case I screw up.
Featured in this mini map is the Williamsburg bridge, a mermaid, and fixie bikes everywhere. 

Morning coffee sketch 2

Another quick sketch while waiting for parking. I don't know why I haven't ever brought water colors with me before. A whole new world awaits! (Same as before, will upload a better photo later)

Morning coffee sketch

Quick sketch this morning at work while waiting for parking.
Will upload better photo later.

September 17, 2011

My work at greenpoint gallery

Last night group show was an overall good time. By pure chance my work was placed next to Ku, Lisa, and adriens work! Eddie's work was farthur down the wall. Rachel and young were unfortunately placed on the second floor (only unfortunate because it would have been awesome to have everyone near each other!)
(Ill put up a better picture later)

September 15, 2011

Greenpoint Gallery fun! (sept 16th!)

My Friend Rachel Pontious said it best
Come out and support, three of my paintings will be on display! This salon-style show is at Greenpoint Gallery on Friday September 16, 2011, 8pm-2am
390 McGuinness Blvd Brooklyn, NY 11222
Hang out with friends, see some nice work, listen to live music, and have a drink. What more could you ask for on a Friday night!?
I have work up, my good pal and eventual future studio mate Adrien Dacquel also has work up, as well as Lisa Fiore. im sure im missing people, but you should really just take the trip and go hang!

(what i submitted)

September 13, 2011


Needed to pump something out before the day ended. 

September 11, 2011


(i really need to stop using cold press paper)

September 05, 2011


Just a quick Painting this morning for loosen up. Pretend its for a fashion article about... traveling and looking good in the 20s. (Digital and Watercolor/coffee)

"Need a parking space, look in your hand"

Another illustration based off of an NPR article i read. In short, its about an iphone app that lets you find out where the nearest free parking space is in San Francisco. My original plan was to make some completely traditional, but when you work in watercolor, is you screw something up, you have to start completely over. So instead i took this opportunity to push my photoshop skills. (i have also attached this quick simpler version with out a scene in the background just for fun)