May 31, 2012

Bridge in southern Central Park, NYC

Bridge in southern Central Park, NYC

Fleet Week, Us Coast Guard

Fleet Week 2012, US Coast Guard 

Sketches from Jones Beach

Sketches from Jones Beach, Long Island

Sketches from Jones beach 1

Sketches from Jones Beach, Long Island

May 28, 2012

MotoGP Legend Geoff Duke

MotoGP Legend Geoff Duke’s 500cc Triumph
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(Sorry this took so long to finish. Life. you know how it is)

May 07, 2012

New York Estonian House


Some color added

Did this sketch today during a break. Always wondered what this building was about, and it turns out it is the Hub of Estonian culture on the American eastern seaboard. Who would have thought?

The WoolWorth Building

I present to you, The Woolworth Building! One of the oldest original skyscrapers of NYC.

Some new small Location Drawings

Street signs

Waiting for parking. The interior of a Chevy work van.

The I-95 Bronx overpass

Katz Deli (Never got to finish it)

Abandoned port on the WIlliamsburg waterfront 

Williamsburg Bridge

The Sphere in Battery Park. I did not know this at the time but this sculpture was originally at the World Trade Center. It survived the attack and was moved here as a memorial. 

I been really busy with non-art related stuff the last couple weeks, so my drawing had to take a temporary back seat. These are some of the locations drawings i have managed to sneak in while biking, driving, or just plain old walking from point A to point B in NYC

May 05, 2012

MotoGP Legend Mick Doohan

Mick Doonhan's 500CC Honda
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