July 29, 2012

Hudson Concert

And with this location drawing, i finished this tiny sized sketchbook. Time to start a new one!

This is a location sketch at Pier 84 in Manhattan. I was biking and found a live concert where they were teaching people to salsa dance. Unfortunately, i had my book bag with me, and was quite.. sweaty from the biking so i couldn't join. Instead i did the next best thing and did a quick sketch while enjoying the live band. If you're interested this is the event MoonDance

The Frying Pan, Manhattan, NY

A drawing of The Frying Pan (have yet to visit, but it looks fun). if i recall correctly it used to be a sunken boat in the Chesapeake bay which was salvaged, and refurbished into a bar here on the Hudson. 

Long Island City (Pepsi Cola sign) , from Manhattan

A view into Long Island City during one of the +100 degree days in NYC. With the famous Pepsi-Cola sign