March 13, 2012

The last of the Chile Location Drawings

Details of the postcards i posted before, and also some new ones. Unfortunately the ones that are still line are i finished painting only moments before i had to leave for the airport, so didn't get to take a picture of them before i left. i left a few behind for some of my family members to keep, and the others are now traveling internationally, and will hopefully arrive soon!
Painted on location near Routa 5 sur

Drawn on location at the island of Chiloe

painted on location on routa 5 Sur

Painted on location on Routa 5 Sur

Painted on location, in front of the museo de las bellas artes in Santiago

Painted on Routa 5 Sur

Painted on the island of Chiloe

Drawn at the beach in maitencillo (north of Vina del mar)

Also drawn at maitencillo

These are some more sketchbook drawings, all from life/location.

Drawn at Maitencillo. the western view from my beach cabin
Also drawn at Maitencillo. This is the west south west view from my cabin

Drawn on the way back from the beach

People eating lunch outside in Santiago, Providencia

The last drawing i did in Santiago. This is looking toward the newest skyscraper in Chile. The tallest building in South America at the moment. Gran Torre Santiago, 70 stories high. 
My view flying back to NYC. It was a good trip

March 01, 2012

Finally editing pictures

    I recently arrived back home to NYC, and i wont lie, i got the travel blues. It was awesome seeing my family for the first time in 8 years, and trying to catch up. But with only about 3 weeks to catch up on 8 years, the time just flew by. Here's a teaser of some of the photos im going to share with you guys from my trip. More Santiago, Chile street art!