February 09, 2012

Chile Trip: Day One

Tetris on my flight? Sweet!
   It's currently the end of my first day in Chile. Overall a really good day, even if the plane flight sucked (something to do with babies non-stop crying and being right next to the bathroom). As some of you might have noticed, i really really been missing the snow this winter, and just as i left NYC on my flight, a decent snow show arrived in the city. I really wasn't looking forward to the 90 degree temperatures of Santiago. But as soon as i stepped out of the airport here in Chile, i changed my mind.
 I really did not expect it to feel as good as it did. See.. the warm weather in Chile isn't Humid like it is in NYC, so it is sooo much more tolerable and welcoming than 90 degrees with 100% humidity back home. The only catch is that the smog was really thick today (i found out later that todays temperature was the highest of the summer season).

You can kinda see the smog here

A Location Sketch i did while on the flight. There was a good amount of turbulence, so this was a real challenge

 For the first couple days of my stay in Chile, i'm hanging out in San Bernando. San Bernando used to be a quiet suburb of Santiago, but with Santiago's Sprawl out of control, San Bernando is now a pretty shady area to be in. Thats not to say there aren't nice safe areas, but it is highly recommended not to walk alone at night, and if possible to drive everywhere.

 Enough sad stuff. The weather was amazing. Light breezes, not a cloud in the sky, and very quiet. Looking forward to trying to get some location painting done once i can leave San Bernando.

My Family's estate

One of my cousins house

Mandatory Sunset shot

You can kinda see a hill in the distance. There are hills EVERYWHERE. and few trees.

random airport waiting sketch

Tried to draw my mom. Decided to draw the things on the table instead.

PS: You can see a good amount of stars here.
you can make out the orion's belt constellation

orion's belt constellation

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