October 29, 2011

Sneak peak, and a look into my little studio space

For the past week i have been away from my apartment due to some... interesting situations.. but im back now, and it feels great! I have been working on a few little things but for now you just get a little tease, and a look into where i spend my free time painting. Enjoy!

ps: yes, it is snowing in NYC in october. My window gives me a nice view of the little accumulation occurring on the trees and cars. 

I usually work small, so this little table is more than enough for my needs. All my supplies are to my right, and paper is below the desk. Usually the wall is covered with artwork from my friends, but i recently painted that wall and took everything down. The sheep painting is from Rachel Pontious, and its the only one hanging right now because it was held by nails i was too lazy to remove when i painted the wall. take a look out the window, thats snow on a still leafy green tree...

Just a sneak peak. Can you tell what it is?

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