October 22, 2011

The much awaited postcards!

      Before i left for europe, i made a Facebook post asking people if they wanted one-off location drawing postcards from different european cities. I had a few responses, so off i went with an assignment on hand while away. unfortunately when you're busy exploring a country you have never stepped foot in before, experiencing the new languages never heard,read or seen, enjoying architecture that just blew my mind, and have my first true legit vacation in years, i got carried away and didn't find any post offices. But thats for the better, because i now have the chance to provide high quality scans for you guy, and the people who asked for postcards will still receive them! (just with out a cool international stamp attached to it).

      I tried to do a post card from each city, which were as follows: Amsterdam (Really crappy for location drawing, especially with watercolors. It was raining the whole time), Milan (awesome 75 degree weather and sunshine, perfect for sit and draw), Barcelona (Also awesome sunshine and 80 degrees. Hell i ever got sunburnt while there! The only fear was getting my stuff stolen while not paying attention. Luckily i passed as a local and the pickpockets tend not to mess with locals), Paris (This city blessed me with beyond perfect romantic fall weather. 55 degrees, sunny, trees were turning, and not a cloud in the sky. Just perfect for admiring such a city.), and finally London, which also gave me perfect fall weather, just not as romantic as Paris. if i could compare it to anything, London is a classier much more expensive version of NYC except with scooters and motorcycles everywhere, which was not a bad thing in my book)


A Canal on the outskirts of the red light district (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Milano, Italy)

Duomo di Milano - Interior (Milano, Italy)
I tried really hard to capture the awe i experienced when i entered this cathedral.  I think i should mention its impossible on a little postcard

Porta Sempione  (Milano, Italy)

Parliament - Big Ben (London, UK)

Biblioteca Ambrosiana (Milano, Italy)

The National Gallery (London, UK)

Basilique du Sacré-Cœur  (Paris, France)

(if you're wondering why i have so many from Milan, The answer is simple. Milan isn't really a tourist town, so i exhausted my sightseeing quickly, which gave me a good amount of time to roam around and draw things.)

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