October 20, 2011

Euro Trip 2011 Sketches

I Recently got back from a short trip i took to explore western Europe for a bit. I did my best to draw a bit, but with all the sightseeing, and meeting people that took place, the time to sit and draw was rare. I just wanted to sit and absorb the sights. I wish the trip lasted longer but my funds ran dangerously low.

Anyhow these are some of the sketchbook drawings i did while away.

Top Drawing was made while on the flight to London from JFK. Fell asleep before i could finish drawing the airplane cabin. The Hippos was drawn from life, at the Museum of Natural History in London.  
Drawn while at the hostel in Milan, Italy. Ostello Bello Hostel. One of the best hostels i have stayed at. 
Also drawn while at the hostel in Milan, Italy 
Drawn while waiting for my flight from Milan to Barcelona.  
The drawing on the left was done while on the flight from Milan to Barcelona. The drawing in the Right was my view from my hostel in Barcelona on to the Placa Reial right next to the La Rambla

A Panoramic Drawing i did while on the Park Güell, Didnt get a chance to paint it in
Also drawn while on the Park Guell. I was going to attempt to draw the city in the distance as well but got distracted by the sunset 
One of the few drawings i did while in France. Not a specific building. 

The top drawing was drawn on the Ourcq Canal in Paris, France. The Bottom Drawing is just a table at my friends flat after a night out.
This is a simple aerial view of a section of Barcelona that i explored. 

This looked a lot better then i originally drew it. This is the National Gallery in London, UK.

I will be uploading some postcard location drawings i did in the various cities as well later! stay tuned

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