January 07, 2012

Old Boats and 50 Degree Weather in NYC

Today was another one of those amazing warm days in NYC. Unfortunately it is January, and it should be 25 degrees outside not 60. I miss the snow. Anyway i spent today down at South Street Seaport. I had a really strong urge to draw old boats, and as far as i know, this is one of the only places in NYC to find them. Luckily for me they recently opened up a new pier down by the seaport and it is an amazing place to relax. Its an elevated platform with grass mounds where you can lay down.

It looked to me as though this place is still a secret in NYC because it was practically empty the whole time i was there. Every now and then someone would walk by and watch me draw, but it was welcome . I have found that if you're ever feeling down as an artist, it is a good idea to go into public and just draw. Practice your trade in the open where everyone can see. You are likely better than 99% of the people walking by.

Dont know the family but they spent a good portion watching me draw.
I set up camp, put away my ipod and just drew for a good 3 hours. Listening to the ambient sound of the city is relaxing. Each neighborhood has its own unique muffled soundtrack This is what came out.
My Favorite, Spent a good 1.5 hours on it. This one needs some studio time to finish though.  9"x9" 
A really fast sketch of the boats. Maybe 20 minutes max. 5"x7"

I spent the rest of the day walking around and taking pictures of everything that caught my eye. Enjoy!


Today was a good day.

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