January 22, 2012

Empire State of Mind

Gouache on canvas panel. 5x7

It's been a while since i have last updated my blog. Coming home after an 11 hour work day doesn't really make it easy to come home and paint. Also managed to injure my right hand on friday so that was fun. So this is a painting i did of the Empire State Building! Why the Empire state building? Well long story short i have lived only a few blocks away from the giant piece of stone almost my whole life so it has grown on me. And well It does stick out like a sore thumb when viewed from anywhere in the city. (I aslo have a soft spot for architecture and skyscrapers as you might be able to tell). Painted it during the first snowfall of the year yesterday, and it went through a few revisions before it ended up where it is now. Gouache is an interesting medium. I Can see myself using it more in the future. 

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