December 18, 2011


I recently went on a nice little day hike up near New Paltz in New York, and i came back with a bunch of   ideas for little paintings that deal with repetition. I have also been super busy lately with the day job, so art has taken a back seat up until now so it is nice to have something new to show. Leaves on a trail. and a giant rock. 

I also finally got a friend to take a few pictures of me riding my motorcycle (my side hobby). For me riding the motorcycle is a lone wolf activity since none of my friends ride, and the groups in the area that do ride are too crazy for my tastes. Its nice being alone having time to think, enjoy the scenery, the smells, the freezing temperatures, crazy drivers, etc. Tons of stories have occurred because of my little yellow moto, but they are all in my head since no one would believe them as i am the only witness. Anyway heres a few pictures of me riding and enjoying one of the few things that makes me feel completely free in this crazy world we live in.


  1. nice photos andrew! looks like fun

  2. actually, that would be nice photos yuri hehe
    it was fun !