August 31, 2011

i quite like drawing buildings

These are some mockups for a potential metal etching that will identify buildings managed by Rialto Management. Soon you might see these plastered all over the upper east side, and lower manhattan!

Take 2 of the Weather Illustration..

EDIT: Re did it to make it less exciting. 

Much Happier with this, although im still trying to figure out where im going with this technique.  Enjoy!

August 30, 2011

Did i say a few hours?

Yea, i shouldn't have said in a few hours. that was unrealistic. Anyway this is what i came up with. I'm happy with what i did, but i realized at the end that this piece is not "me". Well thats what i realized when Adrien did a quick review of the work. I knew something felt off while painting it. I'm plan on redoing this piece with something i'm completely 100% satisfied with. 

For reference, the article this is about is here . (it is about how the writer watched the weather channel during Hurricane irene just waiting for something to happen)

August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene

A fun article i saw on NPR ( I was guilty of doing this on the days leading up to the storm hitting NYC. Watching nonstop and updating family and friends. Luckily the storm wasn't that bad, i got to spend it with a close friend, and the sunset the next day was one not to be missed. A storm related illustration coming in the next few hours!

August 25, 2011

one more

Another Sketchbook coloring

I feel as though i may be on to something here and im excited!

Sketchbook Page

A sketchbook page i colored digitally. Im just trying to figure out how to not suck

August 23, 2011

New Scanner!

Here are the previous 2 bike paintings but with correct color and just better overall image quality. Enjoy!

(the scanner really picks up the texture of the paper..)

Mini bike series: tandem bike

This another bicycle in my little mini series. I'm aware this bike would be impossible to ride unless you had impossibly long legs and a short torso. I'm starting to warm up to making scenes with the bicycles. My next one will probably be a self portrait. Dont know what that means? That's cool, just wait till I post it!

PS: sorry the image is sideways and shitty. Posting from my phone, dont have a proper scanner at the moment.

August 22, 2011

Just a slight obession...

I seem to have gotten a recent obsession with maps and blueprints recently.

August 20, 2011

A mini Bike series.

After doing the last painting of the train crossing the bridge, i came to the conclusion that i really like the way watercolor and guache looks together. So i decided to practice a bit more painting with the mediums that i would do  mini series of the different kinds of bikes available out there. This is the first one, Based after a Cannondale. (If anyone out there wants to buy me one please go right ahead, thanks!) 

-Also on a side note, if anyone knows of any tricks to scanning in watercolor please let me know, im having a really hard time getting the way it looks on paper back on screen. 

-A second side note, it could just be my scanner, any recommendations on a flatbed scanner?

August 19, 2011

5x7 postcard

This is a small Watercolor/gouache painting based off a recent 2000+ mile road trip i just took with an close friend. The bridge itself is based off of the BNSF Rail Bridge in Minneapolis. A friend we were visting took us to a spot to view the Mississippi river, and the imagery just burnt itself into my head. Looks much better in person, its been a challenge to try to get watercolors to scan right. 

I'm sure ill be pulling inspiration from this trip for weeks to come. 

August 03, 2011

A small quick update

Hey guys! i have not forgotten about you at all, i have just been really busy doing work that pays money. Unfortunately this work often leaves me really exhausted by the end of the day so not much art is being done. Here is a little something to get the ball running again.

A lot more work will be coming soon!